Bob Owens of Confederate Yankee points out that two Associated Press reporters who used the mysterious (and some suspect non-existent) police Capt. Jamil Hussein as a source in their stories have been appointed to NEWLY CREATED POSITIONS. Hmmm.  

In most any line of work, discovering that two actors were promoted
after it was revealed they were in some way involved in a scandal, many
people might assume that their superiors might be trying to buy their
silence. That suspicion would only grow if those people were promoted
to positions that didn’t previously exist.

One can’t help but wonder why AP will not produce this man and clear up the mystery. Is this a case of media rope-a-dope, in which they hope the blogosphere will raise a huge ruckus and then have Hussein magically appear at a press conference, thus discrediting the lowly bloggers? Or does he just not exist?