The federal stimulus package has been a misnomer since it?s
beginning.  It has increased the country’s debt, greatly grown government and expanded social programs.  

As Roy explained a year
ago ?new government borrowing will draw valuable
resources out of private capital markets and away from investments that would
have been made by private entrepreneurs? actually slowing the economy, not
stimulating it. 

Hood projected correctly: “Given the likelihood that ?stimulus? is going to
become little more than huge, permanent increase in debt, the size of
government, and the federal government?s intrusion into state and local
affairs, the best outcome would be for the legislation to collapse of
its own ponderous weight.” 

Unfortunately, it hasn’t but has only gotten bigger.

And I argued
recently that the stimulus package is just an expansion of entitlement social

 In preparing for a visit to Orange County
later this week, I was reviewing North Carolina stimulus projects that are
funded with federal taxpayers? money ? the $797 billion program that has
pummeled the country into further debt ? 
and discovered over $44,000 is going to the Aveda Institute in Chapel
Hill.  Seems that federal pell
grants were awarded in the summer of 2009 for the cosmetology school to train
workers for the company?s 7,000 beauty salons and spas in 24 countries

Consider this is the kind of project your children and grandchildren will be paying off for years and years. And when someone asks what kind of government program we could do with out, the Aveda Beauty grants seem like a good suggestion.