Paula Bolyard writes for about President Biden’s latest attempt to salvage his flailing re-election campaign.

We got the first clue that something was very wrong when ABC News aired a clip of Joe Biden’s interview with George Stephanopoulos at 6:30 p.m. on Friday. 

The partisan Democrat interviewer asked Biden why his debate performance was so bad after six days of rest at Camp David. Biden threw out some prepared talking points: He’d been very sick. He was tested for COVID and “for infections.” He clutched his heart when he said the last part. (None of this explained why a very sick Biden was sent to a diner after the debate to gladhand supporters.) 

Stephanopoulos asked Biden whether he had watched any of the debate. Biden couldn’t remember: “I don’t think I did.” …

… On Thursday, my esteemed colleague Stephen Green wrote: 

Some argue that Stephanopoulos has been brought on not to help Biden but to commit the System’s coup de grâce and “rhetorically assassinate” their flailing POTUS. Let George trip him up a couple of times in front of the TV cameras, the thinking goes, and even DOCTOR Jill Biden will have no choice but to relent and tell Joe to go Full LBJ. 

They were clearly on the right track. 

Stephanopoulos introduced the interview by claiming there had been “no cuts, no edits” to the video. “We have not touched it.” 

There was really no need. There was no way to pretty up the pig tonight. (You can watch the interview in its entirety below.) 

“Did you know how badly it was going,” he asked about the debate. 

“The whole way I prepared, it was no one’s fault but mine. Nobody’s fault but mine.” 

Biden rambled something about national security and said, “Not my fault. No one else’s fault. I just had a bad night.” 

He said he’s participated in ten live events since the debate and bragged about his large crowds.