My wife, who does all our charitable and political giving, recently sent some money to the Republican State Leadership Committee. She dutifully put a check in the postage-paid envelope the RSLC sent us. She also put a return address sticker on it that contains our correct address. And then she put it in the mail.

A couple of weeks later we got this back:


Notice that the RSLC address was not penned by my wife, but was pre-printed on the form behind the window in the envelope. I called the RSLC today and spoke with Jill Bader in their press office. She says that, indeed, is the RSLC’s correct address, and that she has no idea why the Postal Service says this letter is “not deliverable as addressed.” She said they’d look into it.

It was my wife who first advanced the notion that maybe the Postal Service was doing something similar to the IRS, which targeted conservative groups prior to the 2012 election. If some partisan hack in the Postal Service decided to put yellow “not deliverable” stickers on anything that looked like a check to a Republican fundraising group or conservative organization, that could add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars not received. I’m just sayin’.

Wondering if this has happened to anyone else.