We know from a review of 681 academic studies that low taxes, less burdensome regulations and more productive spending on education and infrastructure programs promotes economic growth in both the short term and long term.

We also know that North Carolina’s new policy mix of tax reform, regulatory reform and restructuring and prioritizing infrastructure projects is likely to result in stronger economic growth. We know polices on targeted tax breaks and incentives are working.

What you may not know is that how you park your car has implications for your economic productivity.  And may even be an indication of a country’s economy”…reverse parking is a signal of delayed gratification, countries that seem to practice more of this kind of delayed gratification seem to have higher economic growth rate.”

This according to a new empirical study on parking behavior by Shaomin Li, a professor of international business at Old Dominion University in Virginia on car parking and economic growth factors.

One more thing we know, economies are complicated things. It helps to gather lots of information.