Winston-Salem Journal columnist Scott Sexton ponders that question in light of recent controversy of Bird scooters zipping along city streets. Put another way—is W-S a “a town of Bird scooters or early-bird specials?”

Anyone else remember the kerfuffle when empty-nesters started flocking downtown to live and discovered that bars and restaurants make noise? We managed to find compromise by using common sense; don’t dump clanking cans and bottles in the middle of the night and everybody’s happy.

Another point council members must consider is that while the city needs young blood to stay relevant, Winston-Salem has also earned a righteous reputation as a good place to spend one’s golden years. Forbes and each rated the Camel City as a top destination for retirees, citing a moderate climate, low cost of living and things to do.

….We can be Austin and Arizona. Strike the right regulatory balance. Just be Winston-Salem.

Empty-nesters and early-bird buffets can co-exist with millennials and food trucks.