Following the education establishment’s windfall of cash, a gracious gift from the unsuspecting taxpayer, the education establishment is still seeking more funding. Lindalyn Kakadelis, in a meeting with elected officials from Mecklenburg County and a research analyst, reviewed the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school system’s budget for the last two years.  County officials had given the system $6 million more than they had requested, charging them with the task of improving achievement. After reviewing the data, leaders left with a better understanding of the faulty accountability chain in the school system. CMS is no different than many other government-funded education facilities.  In higher education, the money-siphoning is hardly ever linked to higher standards, as is apparent in the Pope Center’s recent report on freshman English – posted on The Insider, a product of the Heritage Foundation. If you’re capable of succeeding in college, you’ll find a way to afford it; and if your abilities aren’t up to snuff, says George Leef in the News & Observer, you should take heart in the fact that success isn’t predicated on a degree.