Airbnb has expanded into “experiences,” and CEO Brian Chesky sees big things ahead. Check out this interview with a leader who continues to innovate and think ahead.

We also think that people travel to have experiences. And so we say, ‘How could you be in the travel business, providing experiences but not actually provide experiences?’ It’s totally differentiated inventory. So even if it wasn’t a big business, it would be worth doing because it’s differentiated. And we want to be in the business of having lots of differentiated inventory in a world of OTAs that have commodity inventory. Even if you have some overlapping inventory, as long as you are the one that has the most unique, you’re very well set up.

It’s all part of our strategy to kind of do what Amazon did to retail, we want to do [that] to travel, which is to be the one-stop shop. We’re looking at about a hundred services. We have a drum beat. We have an absolute drum beat.

It’s a business — and a CEO — to watch.