Both chambers of the General Assembly passed an adjournment resolution Monday night. Looks like Dec. 30 is the date. It’s been a long legislative session, but a very productive session. Those of us who support liberty have much to be happy about: legislative policies that lift people up through expanded opportunity, that keep the state on solid financial footing, and that ensure North Carolinians keep more of what they earn.

This week, I talked with Locke’s government affairs team about the many victories across an array of issues and areas. Jordan Roberts pointed us to a key point about how Republican legislative leaders resisted temptation when it came to the infusion of massive amounts of federal dollars into our state.

with all this COVID money coming in and the surpluses we’ve had, we’ve seen most of the spending be in non-recurring fashion instead of recurring, so that gives one-time money out, rather than growing the size of government

Jordan Roberts

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big move, big win for North Carolina taxpayers

Becki Gray

For Locke’s Becki Gray, the story of this session is really about the continued, cohesive strategy implemented over a decade to keep government as small as possible while funding core services and dealing with emergencies and emerging issues. And always, legislative leaders have placed a priority on keeping the income tax burden low for all, and for the most vulnerable in particular.

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