Not exactly local news, but you’ve got to read about this ‘starry-eyed optimist’ who’s not doing to well in the land of starry-eyed optimism. Trust me, it’s hilarious. Here’s a sample:

Janet Bratter lives in a camper covered in peace signs, religious symbols and liberal slogans.
And she ticks people off.

Bratter, 61, is a convicted trespasser who parks her 1983 GMC Leisurecraft motor home wherever she thinks she can stay a while, often a long while. In the past year, at least a half-dozen people have complained to police about her camping in their neighborhoods or on their land.

“People get so bent out of shape if they think you are not kowtowing to their little bit of power on their turf,” she said……

“Her approach as an artist expecting to survive through the support of a patron, that fits more with Europe in the 16- or 1700s, because that’s how they treated artists back then,” said Barbs Burman, a lay minister at Unity who recently served as Bratter’s advocate in her legal troubles. “It doesn’t fit here and now.”

Burman appreciates that Bratter has held on to her flower child philosophy, the idea that people ought to take care of each other, but she said it’s time to let it go.

“We don’t live like that,” she said. “It’s not 1968 anymore.”

Via sister blog Right Angles.