I received a spammer from the Honorable Harry Reid, today. I agreed with a lot of it. For example:

We are locked in a struggle for America’s soul. Our very values are at risk.

He said of Republicans:

They want to reverse the steps our country took to care for the sick and prevent our parents and grandparents from living in squalor.

(It depends on how one parses it.)

Reid argues one out of every four American children lives in poverty. That concerns me, a resident of poor Appalachia, where kids in public housing have three computers and toys and clothing coming out their ears, with free school lunch and breakfast. The only poor, runny-nose ugnauts are the offspring of two-parent households trying to keep a business going in the current anti-entrepreneurial climate.

Anyhoo, Reid made another irrefutable statement, and that is that you can stop the Republicans from getting your money if you give it to Democrats, and hurry. Well, it is true inasmuch as one wishes to be blind to the bloated Republocrats who work in synch to grow government and secure cushy salaries, perks, pension plans, and exemptions for each other.

Funny, I seem to have lost the cliquez-ici link for donations.