Last night, I kicked back and read the Asheville City Council meeting agenda more thoroughly. I already mentioned it once, but the language in the request for the city to partner for an application for a National Endowment for the Arts grant defies my ability to articulate. It isn’t written in Elbonics (typing with the elbows as opposed to just typing, as Truman Capote claimed Jack Kerouac was doing instead of writing). It looks more like pulling big words out of the dictionary and trying half the time to make complete sentences using at least three at a time. If you don’t believe it is worth propagating the national debt to establish a cultural inventory for Asheville, maybe you should amalgamate to fruition community awareness about (cutting and pasting random clips):

Identifying need and resources for the creation and support of new and existing strategy in order to support long range cultural planning, as seen in planning efforts such as Imagine Chattanooga 2020.

Or try this:

The AAAC and partners, including the North Carolina State Arts Council will identify data sets congruous with the NC Creative Economy work of 2007 and 2009, as well as the Economic Development Coalitions Arts and Economic Impact study, and the Americans for the Arts survey that produces Arts and Economic Prosperity V. The AAAC will manage the process with partners including public meetings, survey, marketing and outreach, the management of data, and reporting, and the creation of the database.

There are ten pages of this stuff, and about the only thing I understood – from a conceptual and not a moral perspective – was “capacity building.”