Majid Rafizadeh writes for the Gatestone Institute about Iran’s role in the recent Middle East atrocities.

Sadly, the Biden administration has yet to come out and publicly acknowledge Iran’s role in Hamas’s October 7 invasion of Israel, in which the terrorist group murdered over 1,400 Israelis and at least 31 Americans, and wounded over 4,500 Israelis. Hamas also abducted more than 240 people and took them back to Gaza, where they are being held as hostages.

Iran provides roughly $100 million a year to Palestinian terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and $700 million a year to Hezbollah.

Iran and its proxies have clearly been waging a war against Israel, Jews and the United States. It is incumbent upon the Biden administration at least to publicly acknowledge this fact. Or is the US still hoping for some disastrous “nuclear deal” in which the Iranian regime would promise not to use its imminent nuclear weapons — “on my watch” — during just the Democrats’ time in office?

The Biden administration continues to turn a blind eye to Iran’s involvement in the war against Israel, the Jews and in fact all “infidels” — not least of which is “the Great Satan,” the United States.

In recent weeks, Iranian proxies have attacked not only Israel and the Jews, but also at least 41 strikes against US forces in Syria and Iraq, during which 46 US servicemen were wounded and one was killed by a drone; and with more than 83 attacks on US troops since Biden became president.

These assaults came in addition to an attempted assassination on US soil by the Iranian regime of a foreign diplomate in 2012, and threats to assassinate former US officials, complete with a $1 million bounty, in 2022.

The US responded to these attacks by cancelling sanctions on Iran, thereby enabling it to reap close to $60 billion by exporting its oil and gas – and comfortably to finance its terrorist proxy war on Israel and attacks on US forces in the Middle East.