Adam Kredo of the Washington Free Beacon writes about a changing approach to communist China.

Congress must move to designate China as a “genuine adversary” by implementing a series of proposals that will isolate the Communist regime and cut it out of the U.S. economy, according to a new policy brief exclusively obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

The brief, from Heritage Action—the advocacy arm of the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank—seeks to send a message to the Biden administration and lawmakers: “Stop strengthening China.” It proposes fundamentally altering the U.S. relationship with China by barring Chinese nationals from participating in federal programs, banning China from the U.S. supply chain, and icing it out of all national security projects. The recommendations are meant to serve as guideposts for congressional legislation to increase U.S. competition with China.

“The U.S.-China relationship is one of genuine adversaries, not friendly competitors,” the policy brief states, explaining that Congress must frame its overall approach to the CCP through this lens. “Only when a problem is properly identified can it be solved. We will not be capable of taking the necessary steps to combat the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) influences until we recognize that the Communist Party only acts in ways to advance its interests and undermine America.”

The policy brief comes amid a growing stand-off between the United States and China, both economically and militarily. The Communist regime has for years been the primary source of espionage operations against America that have targeted the federal government, national security apparatus, and critical businesses. Its deepening ties with malign regimes—including Russia, Iran, and North Korea—also signals that the CCP’s ultimate goal is to supplant America as the world’s leading force. To counter this, the Biden administration and Congress must develop a multi-pronged plan to slice China out of America’s economy and leading academic institutions, according to the Heritage Action’s proposal.