Does this come as a surprise? No. The Charlotte reality circa 2015 is that old small commercial buildings in less than great condition in desirable neighborhoods are likely to be redevelopment into apartment complexes. And, in the case of the lot on which Jackalope Jacks and what use to be the P-Stone sit, the property was almost turned into apartments a couple of years ago.

Will the city end up with too many apartments a couple of years from now? Probably.

Will there be some opposition to tearing down Jackalope Jacks and the now dog bar in what use to be the P-Stone? Yes. Will it come from influential people that live nearby? Absolutely not, as those bars on Seventh Street were a motivation for a lot of counterproductive proposals to limit nightlife and live music in Charlotte. How having less nightlife near Eastover impacts the discussion on live music and the like going forward remains to be seen.