None other than Rush Limbaugh weighed in on former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush’s recent visit to Greensboro to campaign for Senate candidate Thom Tillis:

So Jeb Bush went in there and actually suggested that Republicans should pass amnesty if they win back the Senate! Now… (sigh) Here you have Republicans campaigning for the Senate with an anti-amnesty, anti-amnesty-related comprehensive immigration reform plank in their campaign, and here comes a guy saying, “Yeah, but after you win you should do it.” It’s… I don’t know, folks.

Breitbart has the story: “Even though Republicans may take back the Senate by running against amnesty, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush pushed amnesty legislation while stumping for North Carolina Republican Senate candidate Thom Tillis on Wednesday. Bush, according to the New York Times, reportedly said that comprehensive immigration reform ‘will restore and sustain economic growth for this country.’

NYT also covered Bush’s visit, reporting Tillis “gently put distance between himself and his guest of honor” by saying “you have to make it clear that amnesty shouldn’t be on the table.”