In an op-ed in yesterday’s N&R, Guilford County Commissioner Jeff Phillips responds to a recent Susan Ladd column basically stating that eeevil Republicans on the board have no regard for human life:

Ladd also bemoans the fact that the county “no longer describes its vision as creating prosperity and educational opportunity for all citizens, but supporting those things “in a business-friendly environment.” Apparently, while slicing and dicing the wording of our vision statement, Ladd developed an aversion to healthy business environments.

She seems to have adopted the misguided notion that government is responsible for “creating” prosperity. But government doesn’t create prosperity; individuals do. If Ladd had grown up poor, like I did, she would know that. Liberals are convinced that it’s government’s role to fix all of the world’s ills. But that philosophy has led to unprecedented debt, and to an unprecedented number of citizens who are dependent on government.

Ladd was on vacation last week as SB 36/HB 263 passed. Get ready, N&R readers –I’m sure she’ll have plenty to say on that subject. My guess is she’ll pile on with current council members Yvonne Johnson and Sharon Hightower and call the bill racist.

By the way —can’t help but note a little irony in the comments beneath the N&R write-up —one commenter who has loudly spoken out against the bill says “Yvonne Johnson has the right to call a spade a spade.”

Not the best choice of words.