Our pal in Kansas City sounds off on the constitutional question that has occupied us here, too:

The Founding Fathers were of various faiths, but they signed their names to a document that read that men ?are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights.?

The Bill of Rights recognizes that government may not take what God has given. Separation of church and state appears nowhere in the declaration or the Constitution. The First Amendment simply prohibits the federal (not the state) government from establishing a specific state religion.

Interference by the federal government in our religious practices at home or in public is tyranny, and it is what the Founders wanted to prevent. Those turning the Constitution upside down should be careful what they wish for.

If we were to truly achieve a separation of church and state we would have set up a government that has no moral authority above itself. What then will be our rights? Whatever the government says they are. What Uncle Sam giveth, Uncle Sam taketh away. Who says he can’t?

I believe God says he can’t. The Founding Fathers believed it as well. Thank God they did.