The Wall Street Journal published in the past week John Locke Foundation President John Hood‘s analysis of North Carolina’s strong economic performance since the end of federal extended unemployment benefits one year ago. Outlets such as the American Interest publicized Hood’s work. A liberal economist’s poorly executed rebuttal of the WSJ analysis prompted a response from Hood. That follow-up column attracted attention from N.C. Senate Republicans, as well as national outlets such as The Federalist and its associated email newsletter, “The Transom.”

The Associated Press interviewed Hood for an article about state budget director and JLF Founding Chairman Art Pope. Outlets such as the Charlotte Observer, News & Observer, Greensboro News & Record, Hendersonville Times-News, and picked up that story. A New Bern Sun Journal letter writer cited Hood’s recent column on North Carolina’s legacy of being “first in freedom.” A July 4 Mount Airy News editorial cited Hood’s recent recollection of North Carolina history. (As Carolina Journal columnist John Hood mentioned in a column we published here Thursday, North Carolina was the first state to openly vote for independence, to break away from the British crown and form a new state.)