In March, we published our first COVID-19 review, a list of articles, blog posts, reports, and media appearances by John Locke Foundation research staff.  Below is a list of our work in April.

As always, please feel free to contact us with ideas, opinions, questions, and information about your experiences as you navigate COVID-19 mitigation measures.  And continue to follow our work and the award-winning work of our colleagues at Carolina Journal and the John Locke Foundation.

Health Care

Jordan RobertsHealth Care Policy Analyst, NC Senate wants DHHS to release more data Locker Room, April 30

Donald van der Vaart, Senior Fellow, HeadLocke No. 92: A call for better COVID-19 modeling, plus the pandemic’s electoral impact Head Locke, April 30

van der Vaart, JLF’s Donald van der Vaart urges N.C. officials to adopt more useful COVID-19 modeling Carolina Journal Radio, April 29

Roberts, Lawmakers need to resist expanding Medicaid Research Brief, April 28

van der Vaart, Additional models would lead to more informed coronavirus response Research Brief, April 20

Nicol Turner Lee and Jordan Roberts Managing health privacy and bias in COVID-19 public surveillance Research Brief, April 20

Roberts, Health care deregulation should be permanent Research Brief, April 16

Roberts, General Assembly to fund antibody testing Locker Room, April 14

Jon GuzeDirector of Legal Studies, World Health Organization Gets a Well-Deserved Thrashing Locker Room, April 7

Jon SandersDirector of Regulatory Studies, Lift the emergency rule against hydroxychloroquine to protect our health care workers Locker Room, April 7

Sanders, Access to anti-malaria ‘cocktail’ could protect our health care workers on the front lines Research Brief, April 6

Roberts, Health policy proposals in the CARES Act Daily Journal, April 6

Roberts, Thought experiment: Could a floating hospital be used during the next pandemic? Locker Room, April 3

K-12 Schools

Terry StoopsVice President for Research & Director of Education Studies, The state of school closures Locker Room, April 29

Stoops, Families have much more favorable view of homeschooling Locker Room, April 24

Stoops, Summary of changes to grading and student promotion policies Locker Room, April 4

Stoops, Teachers ridicule ReOpenNC protesters Locker Room, April 22

Stoops, State Board of Education chair and vice chair participate in private town hall Locker Room, April 22

Stoops, Don’t use CARES Act fund to buy computers Locker Room, April 22

Stoops, JLF’s Terry Stoops discusses COVID-19’s impact on N.C. public schools Carolina Journal Radio, April 16

Stoops, The recovery school year: More instructional time, no state testing, and expanded choice Research Brief, April 15

Stoops, HeadLocke No. 90: Ensuring CARES Act flexibility, monitoring online education Head Locke, April 15

Stoops, Should students be required to attend summer school due to COVID-19 school closures? Research Brief, April 14

Stoops, Should students repeat a grade due to COVID-19 school closures? Research Brief, April 13

Stoops, How much will NC receive from the Education Stabilization Fund in the CARES Act? Locker Room, April 7

Stoops, Carolina Journal Radio No. 881: John Locke Foundation helps policymakers respond to COVID-19 challenges Carolina Journal Radio, April 6

Stoops, Great resource from BEST NC Locker Room, April 3

Stoops, How much will public schools receive in COVID-19 supplemental funds? Locker Room, April 1

The Economy, Free Enterprise, and Budget

van der Vaart, Economic analysis is essential to sound public health policy Research Brief, April 30

Joseph ColettiSenior Fellow, Federal Coronavirus Relief: spend less now to have some available later Locker Room, April 29

Coletti, How will the coronavirus affect cities and local governments? Research Brief, April 29

Coletti, Carolina Journal Radio No. 884: JLF leads national effort to boost state CARES Act flexibility Carolina Journal Radio, April 27

Coletti, Irresponsible Pandemic Budgeting Locker Room, April 27

Roy CordatoSenior Economist, Emeritus, Reopen N.C.: Four proposals for lifting tax burdens on workers and business Daily Journal, April 23

Coletti, Unemployment benefits, COVID-19, and getting people back to work Daily Journal, April 16

Coletti, State surplus shrinks $500 million in March Locker Room, April 9

Guze, “Study Finds Most Restaurants Fail Within First Year Of It Becoming Illegal To Go To Them” Locker Room, April 8

Coletti, State revenues are getting hammered Locker Room, April 3

Coletti, What’s in the CARES Act? Daily Journal, April 2

Coletti, JLF’s Joseph Coletti analyzes federal COVID-19 relief legislation Carolina Journal Video, April 1

Sanders, New unemployment claims are over 300,000 — in two weeks Locker Room, April 1

Second Amendment

Guze, Handgun purchase permits: Time to get rid of another unnecessary regulation Research Brief, April 2

Sanders, Gun shops are essential to protect a fundamental right when it’s needed most Research Brief, April 1

Regulation, Law, and Criminal Justice

Guze, COVID-19 Crisis Exposes Need for Eminent Domain Reform Locker Room, April 27

Guze, The Enforcement of COVID-19 Emergency Orders Illustrates Why We Shouldn’t Use the Criminal Law for Regulatory Purposes Locker Room, April 27

Guze, Two Great COVID-19 Pieces by Lyman Stone Locker Room, April 23

Guze, How Effective Are Stay-at-Home Orders? Continued Locker Room, April 15

Guze, How Effective Are Stay-at-Home Orders? Locker Room, April 15

Sanders, Raleigh Police: “Protesting is a non-essential activity.” Locker Room, April 14

Coletti, Carolina Journal Radio No. 882: COVID-19 pandemic prompts questions about government restrictions Carolina Journal Radio, April 13

Sanders, No justification for Wake County blocking drive-through Easter service Research Brief, April 9

Guze, More thoughts about correctional institutions and COVID-19 Research Brief, April 9

Guze, Out-of-State Property Owners Challenge Dare County’s Entry Restrictions Locker Room, April 9

Sanders, Four ways Wake County’s order against church drive-thru service is unconstitutional Locker Room, April 8

Guze, Criminal law reform testimony before the General Statutes Commission Research Brief, April 7

Sanders, Let cosmetologists make in-home visits while they’re out of work and we’re stuck at home Locker Room, April 3


Guze, Taiwan’s handling of COVID-19 has been exemplary. Locker Room, April 8

van der Vaart, Unlike climate change, COVID-19 is an actual existential threat Research Brief, April 8

Roberts, New model suggests social distancing measures may need to stay in place through May Locker Room, April 6

Roberts, New England Patriots’ team plane used to transport N95 masks Locker Room, April 2

Guze, “Greek scientists confirm higher temperatures slow down coronavirus.” Locker Room, April 1