The John Locke Foundation’s Research Division published COVID-19 reviews in March, April, and May, and below is a list of our work in June.  Riots, racial justice protests, regulations, state government shenanigans, and other non-coronavirus issues required our attention last month, so June featured fewer COVID-19 items than usual.

As I mentioned in March, we are using the “toilet paper test” to determine when to resume our normal research activities.  When toilet paper becomes easy to find in retail stores, we will cease our near-exclusive focus on COVID-19. We’re getting close, but I suspect that we are a few months away from making the end of our focus on coronavirus by TPing the office of the youngest member of the research staff.  We promise to be more forthcoming than the Cooper administration, although that isn’t saying much.

Judge Covid 

Jon Sanders, Director of Regulatory Studies, Judge Covid decides: Being made to wear a face covering, Locker Room, June 26

Sanders, Judge Covid decides: Wearing a face mask, Locker Room, June 16

Sanders, Judge Covid decides: Going to the gym, Locker Room, June 12

Sanders, Judge Covid decides: Getting drinks with friends, Locker Room, June 11

Sanders, Judge Covid decides: Mass gatherings, Locker Room, June 10


Health Care, Data, and Science

Jordan Roberts, Health Care Policy Analyst, JLF’s Jordan Roberts discusses COVID-19’s impact on N.C. health care finances, CJ Video, June 30

Sanders, Cooper’s self-defeating mask mandate,  Locker Room, June 25

Roberts, Supply and demand shocks in health care due to COVID-19: Part 2 – Non-Hospital Providers, Research Brief, June 25

Roberts, Supply and demand shocks in health care due to COVID-19: Part 1 – Hospitals, Research Brief, June 24

Roberts, How can hospitals better prepare for a potential second wave of Coronavirus?,  Locker Room, June 23

Sanders, Yes, hospitalizations are up; that was the whole point of flattening the curve,  Locker Room, June 19

Sanders, Flattening the curve always meant having higher hospitalizations now, Research Brief, June 19

Roberts, Medicare Trust Fund outlook worsened by COVID,  Locker Room, June 15

Sanders, A “surge” in new COVID-19 cases? Blame the denominator, Locker Room, June 12

Roberts, CMS administrator wants expanded telehealth to stay,  Locker Room, June 10

Sanders, NC economists: We’re being “data-driven into a ditch,” Locker Room, June 10

Sanders, Testing hydroxychloroquine’s preventative effects for health care workers,  Locker Room, June 9

Sanders, Gov. Cooper’s orders keep paralysis center’s clients from therapy,  Locker Room, June 8

Jon Guze, Director of Legal Studies, “The C.D.C. waited its entire existence for this moment. What went wrong?” Locker Room, June 4

Joseph Coletti, Senior Fellow, Delaying the implementation of ­Medicaid managed care, Daily Journal, June 4

Sanders, We have flattened the curve, so why do NC businesses have to sue to open back up?  Locker Room, June 1

Guze, It takes a big man–or woman–to admit to being wrong,  Locker Room, June 1


K-12 Schools

Terry Stoops, Vice President for Research & Director of Education Studies, Naturally, teachers are upset about bonus, Locker Room, June 29

Stoops, Campbell University tackles myths about homeschooling, Locker Room, June 23

Stoops, Carolina Journal Radio No. 892: Reopened schools will continue to face COVID-19 challenges, CJ Radio, June 22

Stoops, The unsettling uncertainty of the next school year, Research Brief, June 18

Stoops, GA canceled state testing for the upcoming year and NC should too, Locker Room, June 18

Stoops, Cooper offers few details about use of federal funds, Locker Room, June 18

Stoops, What it’s like to interact with state agencies: Stokes County edition, Locker Room, June 17

Stoops, Wake County releases examples of COVID-19 classroom configurations, Locker Room, June 16

Stoops, JLF’s Terry Stoops discusses plans for reopening N.C. public schools, CJ Video, June 12

Stoops, State education officials issue recommendations, no mandates, Locker Room, June 11

Stoops, Predictably, NCAE complains about bonus proposal, Locker Room, June 11

Stoops, More teachers respond to NC DHHS plan, Locker Room, June 9

Stoops, Teachers unhappy with NC DHHS guidance, Locker Room, June 9

Stoops, List of NC DHHS requirements for public schools, Locker Room, June 9

Stoops, Carolina Journal Radio No. 890: Carolina Rebound offers ideas for post-COVID-19 K-12 education, CJ Radio, June 8

Stoops, PEFNC launches parent survey, Locker Room, June 3


The Economy, Budget, and Law

Coletti, JLF’s Joseph Coletti analyzes N.C. transportation budget problems, CJ Video, June 30

Dominic ColettiResearch Intern, What caused North Carolina’s unemployment benefits disaster? Research Brief, June 23

Coletti, JLF’s  Joseph Coletti discusses COVID-19’s impact on N.C. local government budgets, CJ Video, June 18

Coletti, JLF’s Joseph Coletti labels Cooper’s COVID-19 budget response ‘reckless and irresponsible’, CJ Video, June 16

Guze, Now that’s what I call a V! Locker Room, June 17

Coletti, Cooper’s state budget gambit is reckless, Research Brief, June 15

Guze, Josh Hawley requests investigation of religious liberty violations by state officials, Locker Room, June 9

Guze, Paul Krugman Refuses to Accept Good News on Jobs, Locker Room, June 5

Coletti, Cooper’s bad budget bets, Locker Room, June 3

Coletti, Carolina Journal Radio No. 889: Carolina Rebound offers tax, spending recommendations, CJ Radio, June 1