In March and April, we published our first two COVID-19 reviews, a list of articles, blog posts, reports, and media appearances by John Locke Foundation research staff.  Below is a list of our work in May.

As always, please feel free to contact us with ideas, opinions, questions, and information about your experiences as you navigate COVID-19 mitigation measures.  And continue to follow our work and the award-winning work of our colleagues at Carolina Journal and the John Locke Foundation.


Carolina Rebound: Our Game Plan to Revive North Carolina’s Economy

Joseph Coletti, Senior Fellow, Budget, Taxation, and the Economy

Terry Stoops, Vice President for Research & Director of Education Studies, Education

Jordan Roberts, Health Care Policy Analyst, Health Care

Jon Sanders, Director of Regulatory Studies, Red Tape, Overregulation, and Law

Coletti, Stoops, Roberts, and Sanders, HeadLocke No. 97: Carolina Rebound will help N.C. recover from COVID-19, Head Locke, May 28

Sanders, Carolina Rebound: JLF’s Jon Sanders discusses regulatory recommendations, CJ Video, May 28

Stoops, Carolina Rebound: JLF’s Terry Stoops discusses education recommendations, CJ Video, May 27

Roberts, Carolina Rebound: JLF’s Jordan Roberts discusses health care recommendations, CJ Video, May 22

Coletti, Carolina Rebound: JLF’s Joseph Coletti discusses tax, budget recommendations, CJ Video, May 22

Health Care, Data, and Science

Donald van der Vaart, Senior Fellow, The Fog of COVID-19 Data: The threat of increased infections has passed, Research Brief, May 29

Roberts, Broken health insurance system likely to get worse, Daily Journal, May 28

Sanders, Looking into NC’s ‘new high’ of cases reveals a new low, Locker Room, May 28

Dominic Coletti, Research Intern, Did public transportation cause the COVID-19 outbreak? Research Brief, May 28

Roberts, Nursing homes and assisted living facilities account for majority of North Carolina COVID deaths, Locker Room, May 26

Roberts, Carolina Journal Radio No. 888: COVID-19 pandemic draws new attention to telemedicine, CJ Radio, May 25

Jon Guze, Director of Legal Studies, Why do we let them do this kind of thing? Locker Room, May 21

Jack Karsten (Brookings Institution), Jordan Roberts, Dr. Nicol Turner Lee (Brookings Institution), COVID-19 and Telehealth: A New Era In Virtual Care, Shaftesbury Society, May 18

Guze, What I’m Hoping For, Locker Room, May 18

van der Vaart, The Fog of COVID-19 Data: An Introduction, Research Brief, May 18

Roberts, JLF’s Jordan Roberts discusses the future of telemedicine, CJ Video, May 14

Karsten, Roberts, Turner Lee, Removing Regulatory Barriers to Telehealth Before and After COVID-19, Policy Report, May 14

van der Vaart, Carolina Journal Radio No. 886: Better modeling could improve COVID-19 response, CJ Radio, May 11

Roberts, Removing 21st-century barriers to telehealth, Research Brief, May 13

van der Vaart, COVID-19 and racial disparities: What the research says, Research Brief, May 11

K-12 Schools

Stoops, Union County School Board votes to host traditional graduation, Locker Room, May 29

Stoops, Virtual charter school has received 3,100 applications for 403 available seats, Locker Room, May 28

Stoops, Carolina Journal Radio No. 887: Remote learning presents challenge for N.C. schools, families, CJ Radio, May 18

Stoops, AFC poll: 40% of families are more likely to homeschool, enroll in virtual schools, Locker Room, May 15

Stoops, Teachers admit that students are not receiving a quality education via remote learning, Locker Room, May 13

Stoops, Survey: Parents want schools to remain closed until there is no health risk, Locker Room, May 12

Stoops, Expand choice for parents who worry about coronavirus exposure at school, Locker Room, May 8

Stoops, JLF’s Terry Stoops assesses concerns about N.C. students avoiding remote learning, CJ Video, May 7

Stoops, The private school plight with public school consequences, Daily Journal, May 7

Stoops, Slapdash schooling and lackadaisical learning, Research Brief, May 6

Stoops, Truitt: Cutting through the noise of education reform and COVID-19, Locker Room, May 4

The Economy, Free Enterprise, and Budget

Sanders, “Who can survive that?” Cooper’s shutdown kills more restaurants, Locker Room, May 21

Roy Cordato, Senior Economist, Emeritus, How many will die if governor fails to reopen the economy? Daily Journal, May 21

Sanders, Chart: The states by when restaurants have reopened and COVID-19 death rate, Locker Room, May 20

Sanders, How to protect N.C. energy consumers in the post-COVID economy, Daily Journal, May 14

Coletti, North Carolina needs flexibility, not more federal money, Locker Room, May 13

Sanders, Amid Cooper’s shutdown, more Raleigh restaurants close forever, Locker Room, May 13

Sanders, Cooper’s shutdown kills a pub, Locker Room, May 12

Sanders, Now more than ever, we need least-cost, reliable electricity, Locker Room, May 11

Coletti, How N.C. DOT spent $742 million more than its budget, Locker Room, May 5

Sanders, Now over a million new unemployment claims since Cooper’s shutdowns began, Locker Room, May 4

Coletti, General Assembly pegs first $1.6 billion of $3.5 billion Coronavirus Relief Fund, Locker Room, May 4

Coletti, Quick comparison of Conference Report with House and Senate, Locker Room, May 2

Regulation, Law, and Criminal Justice

Sanders, Help our cideries; don’t keep them shut down, Locker Room, May 22

Guze, Time to amend the Emergency Management Act, Research Brief, May 21

Guze, “Democrats Have Abandoned Civil Liberties,” Locker Room, May 19

Guze, What Does North Carolina Law Say About Demonstrating With Guns? Locker Room, May 13

Sanders, Cooper’s shutdown kills a pubResearch Brief, May 12

Sanders, Electricity policy in the post-COVID economy, Research Brief, May 7

Sanders, The post-COVID economy will need extensive occupational licensing reform, Research Brief, May 5

Sanders, Scientific ignorance loves regulation, revisited, Locker Room, May 4 

Politics and Society

Guze, “Americans are not rallying around Donald Trump during the pandemic,” Locker Room, May 22

Sanders, If a ‘rebellion’ has begun, it’s got a sterling pedigree, Locker Room, May 14

Guze, Statewide lockdowns aren’t just outrageously authoritarian; they’re also ineffectual, and they waste valuable time and energy that should be used to fight COVID-19. Locker Room, May 8

Sanders, ‘Was he then, alone, in the possession of a memory?’ Locker Room, May 5

Guze, Why are COVID-19 death rates so much higher in states with Democratic governors? Locker Room, May 2

Guze, Statewide lockdowns unnecessarily divide, divert us from task at hand, Daily Journal, May 1