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This week, the The Locke Foundation’s research division is launching this new Research Review, a weekly recap of our policy research, blog posts, columns, and appearances.  This week, we’ve been writing this week on the budget, business incentives, technical education, the State of the State, regulation, energy prices, Head Start and taxation.  Below are the highlights.

Policy Updates

This week, Sarah Curry’s Fiscal Update looked at corporate incentives being paid out in Winston-Salem, while the city is, simultaneously, experiencing a significant budget shortfall.  She also looked at what actually makes North Carolina attractive – or not – to corporations.

Terry Stoops wrote about Governor Pat McCrory’s State of the State Address, specifically his proposals  regarding education – technical education, the Education Cabinet, changes to the lottery, and the North Carolina brand.

On Our Blog

On The Locker Room, Terry disputed a Winston-Salem Journal editorial that argued the main hindrance to technical education in NC has been a lack of money, raised some questions about President Obama’s preschool plan, noted two new education bills that have been filed, and shared a summary of the results of a Rasmussen survey on college preparedness.

Sarah also wrote about the State of the State address and what McCrory had to say about North Carolina’s budget.

Roy highlighted a Daily Caller interview with Michele Malkin and continued his "You might be a progressive if…" series.

Jon wrote about the pinch that consumers are feeling, and about how high energy prices disproportionately affect the poor.

Julie questioned government spending on hovercraft and wrote about the plethora of taxes we all pay, sometimes without even realizing it.

In the Media

Terry Stoops had a column this week in Carolina Journal about the failures of Head Start.  And Sarah Curry sat down with Mitch Kokai to discuss the Taxpayers Bill of Rights chapter of the JLF’s new book, First in Freedom.