Education Policy

The education budget has remained in the news this week, and Terry Stoops, Director of Education Studies, has been writing about it.  He has looked at the facts around inflation and enrollment numbers relative to the budget, and at some arguments that the level of funding is not high enough.

Environmental Policy

In honor of Milton Friedman’s 101st birthday on Wednesday, Roy Cordato, Vice President for Research and
resident scholar, looked at a collection of Friedman’s quotes about the energy crisis of the 1970s and its causes.  He also provided the latest installment in his "You might be a progressive if…" series.

Regulatory Policy

Jon Sanders, Director of Regulatory Policy
Studies, wrote about some significant legislation that will affect campaign financing and special elections as well as finally compensate North Carolina’s eugenics victims.  He pulled together headlines about renewable energy from around the world and considered the lessons they hold for North Carolina.  He also wrote about IMPLAN’s move to Davidson and about Commerce Secretary Sharon Decker’s bizarre logic regarding fracking and economic development.

Health Care Policy

Katherine Restrepo, Health and Human Services
Policy Analyst, explained how the Obamacare legislation is forcing some expansion of North Carolina’s Medicaid program, and she continued her countdown of the days to Obamacare implementation.  We’re down to just 60 days!

Fiscal Policy

Finally, Sarah Curry, Director of Fiscal Policy Studies, wrote about this weekend’s Sales Tax Holiday, the last for North Carolina after recent legislative changes.

There is a lot more on the John
Locke Foundation’s Locker Room blog.

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