This month, an installment of NC SPIN’s “After SPIN!” featured Carolina Journal’s Rick Henderson. Henderson spoke with the show’s host, Tom Campbell, about the smokable hemp provision in the “North Carolina Farm Act of 2019.”

Henderson stated:

“When I was talking about the farm bill – the fact that it is likely to be resolved in federal court – this is the dispute over smokable hemp… The Senate has rejected the House version of the bill… the reason is the Federal Government has said smokable hemp is legal. States are trying to go in and put into controlled substance status again.”

“There is now a court ruling in Indiana which basically says ‘you got a problem with the commerce clause in the Constitution. You are attempting to regulate things that are not regulated in other states, and you are attempting to arrest people for driving across state lines while they are carrying a legal product.’ And so that is why this controversy is going to be settled in the federal courts.”

“I think, quite likely, we will not see a farm bill at all this year because of it.”

Listen to Henderson’s full comments here. Learn more about the Indiana court ruling and how it could affect hemp in North Carolina here.