A wonderful story out of Garner:

Out of work and out of money, Mutunga lived in the woods in Garner for two years. He would slip into First Baptist Church for a meal.

That’s where he met state trooper Sgt. Joe Gaskins, who could tell Mutunga needed help. … Gaskins and his wife had just begun working with a program through the church called Jobs for Life. The program’s mission is to transform lives through the dignity of work.

The Gaskins worked with Mutunga to help him secure food, shelter and transportation.

“It’s really hard to do an interview and write a great resume when you’re living in the woods,” Gaskins said.

The same man that was homeless persevered through the program, got a job and found a place to live.

Locker Room readers are familiar with Jobs for Life from this presentation and this recent post.