Daniel John Sobieski of the American Thinker turns to pop culture history in his latest analysis of the Democratic presidential candidate.

The third-season opener of the iconic sci-fi series Star Trek was an episode titled “Spock’s Brain,” in which an unidentified humanoid female from a seemingly advanced civilization transports aboard the starship Enterprise and, after rendering the entire crew unconscious, absconds with science officer’s Spock’s brain. Capt. Kirk and the crew spend the episode tracking down the brain. …

… It is unlikely that aliens have descended and absconded with Joe Biden’s brain, but there is no clear explanation for Biden’s incoherent outbursts; inability to complete sentences or thoughts; and failure to remember where he is, who people are, even what office he is running for. We all get old and forgetful, and to some extent the prone to plagiarism, Biden has always had his tongue engaged before his brain was in gear. The “that’s just Joe” refrain became a cliché. But there’s more going on here than just getting old and forgetful even though that would be bad enough. His “gaffes” are now, it seems, a frightening predictor. We need to know before he gets his hand on the nuclear codes and determines policy or becomes a sock puppet for an administration full of Obama-era puppet masters all too willing to be his Rasputin.

The latest joke is that Biden should end his commercials with the tag, “I’m Joe Biden, and I forgot this message.” We drop our jaws or grit our teeth when he calls Arizona a great city, talks about Super Thursday, says black Americans ain’t black if they don’t support him and that blacks all think alike, and c’mon man, you know, the thing. November 3 is approaching, and it ain’t funny anymore. We need to know what is wrong with Joe Biden’s brain.