Michael Goodwin of the New York Post reports a dubious distinction for the president and his wayward son.

Don’t expect boasts of “We’re No. 1” from the White House or Wilmington, but that doesn’t diminish the singular, ah, achievement. Both Bidens have earned their brushes with infamy.

Courtesy of Fox News, here’s a headline for the ages: “Biden, Hunter make presidential history as first father-son duo under separate investigations.”

The president paid his dues with his serially reckless handling of classified information, with the added bonus that the gentle probe of him inadvertently draws a comparison to how roughly Donald Trump is being treated by the same Department of Justice. When it came to the supposedly secret documents Biden had scattered around like so much birdseed, the feds couldn’t even be bothered to search for more, leaving the job to his lawyers for over a month.

It’s a sweet deal if you can get it.

No sudden SWAT team raid for Biden, no pictures of documents scattered on the floor, no Deep State agents whispering suggestions to reporters about the potential sale of America’s secrets to enemy states. Even the fact that the first documents were found on Nov. 2 was kept secret through the midterm election and for two months after.

The official party line remains that Good ol’ Uncle Joe just made a mistake. He meant no harm, and the FBI investigation will prove it!

A similar favoritism is playing out in slow motion in the ostensible tax and lobbying probe of Hunter, now in its fifth year. Instead of charging or not charging the president’s son, Attorney General Merrick Garland is proving he’s a bitter political hack by trying to bury the case deeper than Jimmy Hoffa.

Yet beyond the history noted by Fox, its headline also spotlights unfinished business when it cites the “separate” Biden investigations. If there is any honest justice left in Justice, sooner rather than later there will be a single investigation involving both father and son.