John Amanchukwu is Executive Director of Upper Room Christian Academy, a private religious school in southeast Raleigh.  His passion for educating children is much larger than his 6’6″, 280 pound frame.  In fact, his personality, not his size, is what you remember most after meeting him.

John observes that many children in southeast Raleigh would like to attend Upper Room but cannot afford it.   Numerous individual donors and philanthropies, generously support the school.  Annual tuition is very reasonable, i.e., about $5,000 per child or $4,000 less than the state spends to educate and house the average public school student.  But it is not enough.  Despite growing demand, financial constraints forced him to close Upper Room’s middle school and high school.  He would like to give all children in southeast Raleigh, not just those who have middle and upper income parents, the opportunity to experience Upper Room’s rigorous curriculum – direct instruction in the early grades and a classical curriculum in middle and high school.  School choice is the way to make that happen.

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