A joint meeting with city council and the legislative delegation is scheduled for September 18, at 1:00 p.m., in the US Cellular Center Banquet Hall. The last I heard, Rep. Tim Moffitt, who seems to be the only person who defends his position on fact, would not be there. For those who don’t know, the management of Asheville’s water system has been contested in the headlines for probably two decades, and the reasons keep changing. The latest argument contends I am stupid, worthy of being screamed at, and evil for not understanding. I get that, OK? But why should I take time off work to hear it again?

I recall a similar meeting I attended some years ago. It was on the same subject. Then City Councilwoman Holly Jones and I were about the only two people who had taken time off work to attend the meeting, and apparently the only two who knew what it meant to take time off work. Legislators drifted in fifteen minutes apart and slowly made small talk as they went to great lengths to apply the butter to their croissants with flair and fanfare. Although Jones and I disagree on many things, I will always appreciate her sympathy that day as together, we reached for greater heights – climbing the walls.