Winston-Salem Journal editorializes on downtown street performers:

Street performers, or “buskers,” usually possess talent and enthusiasm. As Sexton put it, such street musicians add character and variety to the urban tapestry in every city in America. Running across one can be an uplifting surprise; generally they’re cheerful and they’re not nags about money, preferring their open guitar cases to serve as tip jars. But their hours and volume – not to mention location – should be reasonable.

Not exactly a hip characterization of hipsters from Journal editorial writers—either a) they’re just now discovering buskers or b) they think we haven’t discovered buskers and need to prepare us should we encounter one while wandering the streets in downtown Winston-Salem. And of course what does the Journal support to help make peace with downtown residents complaining about the noise? You guessed it –a busker’s license.

This is just another problem with the New Urbanist vision where everyone masses together yet remain uniquely themselves.