From the Wall Street Journal comes a description of the White House scramble for young, healthy people, who are mostly avoiding ObamaCare.

The proportion of 18-to-34-year-olds registering also has fallen short of the numbers believed to be needed to keep premiums stable. Enrollment from younger and healthier consumers is necessary to offset the more expensive claims often incurred by older people, insurers say.

The latest push to reach young consumers started Monday, as the White House linked its insurance appeal to college basketball’s March Madness. A BuzzFeed-style page on the White House website features the “16 sweetest reasons to get covered,” along with a hodgepodge of cat videos, footage of first lady Michelle Obama dancing, college basketball coaches touting the value of coverage and ducks celebrating free birth control.

Ah, yes, “free” birth control.

Stay updated  on ObamaCare by following the analysis of JLF’s health and human services analyst, Katherine Restrepo who, for months, has been pointing out there would be a scramble for young, healthy people.