Hugh McColl and Jerry Richardson have bought the majority stake in Bojangles, the best chicken chain in the universe. Their wing dinner is my favorite. These guys are know for success in banking and pro sports, but at least Richardson once owned a Boj franchise, so there’s some fried-chicken track record there.

Bojangles fans are passionate. My sons spent the weekend in Manhattan last week and when they landed at LaGuardia the first thing they did was call and asked me to look on the Web to find the nearest Bojangles. I was surprised to find one in Brooklyn. And my daughter, who lives in Northern Virginia, routinely travels to a not-so-great neighborhood in Maryland to get a Bojangles fix. When my son’s lacrosse team at Queens in Charlotte had a post-game tailgate, the first thing the northern players would grab was the Bojangles.

I see expansion in the works.