A UNC professor who’s sitting in an Argentine prison for alleged cocaine smuggling wants the university to give him a raise. No, this evidently isn’t a joke. Read the entire story.

Frampton was arrested Jan. 23 at the international airport in Buenos Aires after the drugs were found hidden in the lining of a piece of his checked luggage as he was trying to fly back to North Carolina.

Frampton, who is 68, said he was duped into carrying the otherwise empty suitcase after flying to South America for what he thought would be a meeting with a internationally known bikini model who he thought he had met on the Internet. He said that after arriving he never actually saw the woman, and was instead asked by a man who presented himself as an intermediary to transport the suitcase.

An international cast of Frampton supporters have said there is no way that the nearly septuagenarian professor was intentionally smuggling cocaine, and that he has never shown any interest in drugs. But he has, several have said, frequently shown an interest in younger women, once flying to China to meet someone he found online, only to be spurned.