Elizabeth Elkind and Katelyn Caralle of the DailyMail.com highlight the latest blunder from our vice president.

Vice President Kamala Harris said during her CBS interview Sunday that ‘democracy’ is the most significant national security threat facing the United States. 

She had been trying to echo Democrats’ warning about threats to the ‘integrity’ of the American democratic system as her boss, President Joe Biden, tries to push his voting rights agenda through Congress. 

In the final portion of her wide-ranging interview released over the week, Harris also defended the Biden administration’s chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan in August, instead blaming its predecessor for first setting the deadline to leave, and added that climate change was one of the biggest emerging threats against US security.

‘What do you see is the biggest national security challenge confronting the U.S.? What is the thing that worries you and keeps you up at night?’ Face the Nation host Margaret Brennan asked.

The vice president answered, ‘Frankly, one of them is our democracy. And that I can talk about because that’s not classified.’ 

‘There is I think no question in the minds of people who are foreign policy experts that the year 2021 is not the year 2000. You know, I think there’s so much about foreign and domestic policy that, for example, was guided and prioritized based on Sept 11, 2001. 

‘And we are embarking on a- a new era where the threats to our nation take many forms, including the threat of autocracies taking over and having outsized influence around the world.’

She adjusted her initial comments, urging the need to ‘fight for the integrity of our democracy.’ 

Harris, who has long campaigned for climate change awareness, added that ‘fighting for the integrity of democracy’ ‘is obviously about what we need to do in the climate crisis.’