David Marcus of the Federalist proposes that the most recent U.S. Supreme Court confirmation hearing could end up helping former Vice President Joe Biden’s presidential bid.

The strangest thing about the new allegation from Lucy Flores that former vice president Joe Biden touched and kissed her inappropriately is the timing. This is the kind of opposition research that generally lands just after a presidential candidate announces a run, not just before. Whatever the truthfulness of Flores’ claims, the timing seems to send a message.

It’s not just Flores. Leftist writers like Rebecca Traister at New York Magazine seem to be sending a clear message to Biden. “Jump in the pool,” they say, “the water is boiling hot and will disintegrate the skin off your bones and leave your legacy in ruins.” Many seem to believe Joe Biden cannot possibly survive these attacks, and a year ago that might have been true. But then Brett Kavanaugh happened.

It is easy to forget just how finished we all thought Kavanaugh was after Christine Blasey-Ford came forward with her unsubstantiated claims that she had been sexually assaulted. We all pretty much assumed he was toast, especially when further, even less credible, allegations against Kavanaugh began to emerge. But then something happened: Kavanaugh fought back. And he won.

Biden’s response to Flores is already more Kavanaugh than “believe all women.”