Not me saying it; it’s vice chairman of the Rockingham County Board of Commissioners during last night’s meeting where commissioners and taxpaying citizens repeatedly called for Commissioner Keith Mabe’s resignation following his second DWI arrest:

Eight residents asked Mabe to resign. One of them was Kevin London, who is fighting against drunken driving after losing two daughters in a 2012 accident.

“I’m tired of the excuses,” London told Mabe. “It’s not a mistake. You know the consequences when you choose to get behind the wheel. You purposefully chose to ignore the Constitution and the laws of North Carolina that you took an oath to uphold.

“I personally can’t respect you anymore.”

Keith’s fellow commissioners were just as unforgiving.

“He’s been drunk so much his brain is pickled,” Vice Chairman Craig Travis said. “I know that’s hard, but he needs to find out what’s he’s done to this community.”

Mabe “said little” during the meeting, and when it ended, he “stood up, shook Sheriff Sam Page’s hand, greeted a few people and walked to his car to be driven away by his wife since his driver’s license has been suspended.”

Mabe is up for reelection in 2018, as it stands now the only way Rockingham County residents can rid themselves of this public official with obviously no regard for their safety and welfare.