This is one way to deal with the blossoming oligarchy that American government has become.

As the Charlotte Observer reported a few days ago, the group GOOOH ? “Get Out of Our House” ? hopes to unseat all 435 members of the House “and replace them with everyday Americans just like you.” From the Observer:

In Charlotte Monday, [Texas businessman Tim] Cox will kick off a petition drive designed to get the GOOOH party on the November ballot in North Carolina. It needs 86,000 signatures by May 1.

He’ll also lead a mock selection process.

The idea is for GOOOH members to fill out a 100-question candidate questionnaire outlining their stands on various issues. When the group reaches its goal of 500,000 members, they would be sorted randomly into small groups in their congressional districts.

Each group would choose two candidates to move on to the next round until a single person is selected in each of the 435 congressional districts.

Sort of like a political American Idol. Or, as Cox describes it, March Madness.

Few conservatives could argue with the benefits of an electoral purge, but we might be headed for a pretty good one even without the help of GOOOH, if yesterday’s results in Massachusetts are any indication.