Another school district is looking at opting out of Mrs. Obama’s signature program: so-called “healthy” school lunches. It’s not just a lesson for the school administrators. Kids are now getting a real-world look at what happens when the government decides it knows better than mom and dad about what a child should eat for lunch.

We’re considering opting out because of the program rules and a decline in participation,” Salem finance director Deborah Payne says. “There’s not a lot of choice for students.”

Meanwhile, others aren’t quite to that point yet, despite growing alarm over the shrinking portion sizes.

The Bangor, Pennsylvania district has cut its chicken finger serving size from six to three.

“Going from six chicken fingers down to three of them is not what we should be doing,” school board member Kenneth Brewer tells 69 News.

This is nonsense. The government’s one-size-fits-all Food Police approach completely ignores what and how much children are eating at home — not to mention that it’s none of the school’s business what a child eats. That’s for mom and dad to decide and monitor — or not monitor.

Enough already.