It’s been a tad difficult the last three days looking for overreaches of power and other absurdities perpetrated in the name of public policy here in WNC. One reason is it is Silly Season. That is a name coined, to my knowledge, by somebody who is running for office, so I can’t really mention his name. The same goes for a huge chunk of headlines. I cannot talk about much of the space in the local papers because it is dedicated to trying to help people decide for whom they shall vote.

The rest of the space is dedicated to Moogfest. Moog has an aggressive PR department, and they’ve got all us media-types wrapped around their fingers. I’m not complaining. I mean, wouldn’t you rather learn about the crazy things MIT geeks are doing with artificial intelligence or ways you can bend waves into music that resonates perfectly with your physical constitution – than hear just one more time about how you need to pay higher taxes to pad the bottom line of some big corporate crony’s spreadsheets – for the children, of course?

There is one headline I’ve been watching. The Smoky Mountain Times hints more may be bruin’ in Operation Something Bruin’, but you have to buy the paper to learn about it, and nobody else is covering it. I suspect the ambiguity is intentional to get you to buy a subscription, though. Here’s an old article about what is already alleged.