Celebrities are telling the world they support “equality” by canceling concerts. The argument, if it can be called that, runs: In North Carolina, as in most other states, it is not deemed proper for boys to use girls’ restrooms and locker rooms and vice versa. Therefore, hipster performers are boycotting the state to inflict commercial harm. The reasoning is a bit difficult to follow, and it has been no secret that this is working very well to get some embracers of destructive left-wing policy to silence themselves.

Louis CK, a celebrity who has been totally undetected by my radar until today, is taking a different tack. Noting the absence of cause and effect in staged demonstrations, he decided to bring three shows to Asheville in the name of advancing “equality.” To find out what he will do with the money, you have to go to the article, as his comedic style does not meet standards I am trying to uphold.