This week, Winston-Salem Journal reported on the current bipartisan measure to allow for beer and alcohol sales at state university sporting events. The article reports the legislation, House Bill 389, would:

expand alcohol sales and consumption to all campus stadiums, arenas and athletics facilities. It does not apply to community colleges.

Only beer and wine would be allowed at sporting events. Beer, wine and mixed drinks would be available at nonsports events if vendors have the correct permits.

The article explains the bill passed through the House in April, has passed through both the Senate Commerce and Insurance committees and cleared the Senate on Monday.

If the bill becomes law, it will still be up to each school’s board of trustees do decide whether or not that school will allow these sales at events. As for the likelihood of state schools adopting the measure, the article quotes JLF’s Mitch Kokai:

“It appears likely that most of the schools would at least consider offering alcohol sales.”

“…Those campuses will weigh the benefits of the additional revenue against any costs linked to new enforcement measures against underage drinking.”

As for opposition to the bill, the Journal cites concerns about:

families being subjected to more fans consuming alcohol, some of whom may become belligerent, or alcohol sales becoming such a revenue driver that it may affect or dictate other public-policy issues.

However, legislators pushed back on the realistic threat of that saying:

[T]hey expect alcohol sales inside the sports venues to be limited in nature, in part because those consuming likely drank alcohol during tailgate events.

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