Larry Kudlow writes for Fox Business about bad actors within the Biden administration.

There’s probably an obstruction of justice charge someplace in there and there may be more, but there’s more to this story that makes it so shady or even better, sleazy. That’s the word I’m looking for, folks: sleazy.   

Former CIA Deputy Director Mike Morell just testified in front of Chairman Jim Jordan’s Judiciary Committee about the Hunter Biden laptop fiasco where the Biden campaign got 51 former high-intelligence officers to sign a letter saying there was no truth to the New York Post story and that it was a Russian disinformation operation.   

This is a former deputy director of the CIA who helped quarterback this letter, which has been disproved now over and over by recent evidence and, of course, the intel big shots are all running for the hills and won’t admit they were lying to elect Biden over Trump, but behind Morell, it turns out, is Antony Blinken, the current secretary of State.   

He was the real quarterback. He was the real driver of this lying letter, which was all put up so Joe Biden could lie in the second debate against President Trump about the Hunter Biden laptop and all the illegal influence-peddling money payoffs from foreign business people to the Biden crime family.   

In other words, our secretary of State was behind this criminal enterprise. Whether it’s legally criminal or not, I’m calling it criminal. Why? Because this is the kind of low politics that is so characteristic of the senior people in the Biden administration and indeed the Biden White House. …

… The most important agencies — State, Defense, Justice and Treasury — should be peopled by experts with sterling reputations. Mr. Blinken is neither an expert nor has a sterling reputation. He engaged in the worst sort of lying politics. Call it what it is: Blinken operated a dirty tricks operation and this sort of behavior, and the fact that he was appointed to such a senior position, not only diminishes his office, but diminishes the entire Biden presidency.