Paul Bedard of the Washington Examiner highlights Larry Kudlow’s recent musings about Trump administration economic policy.

National Economic Council Chairman Larry Kudlow, one of President Trump’s top policy advisors and an architect of the 2017 tax cut, said that Trump stays awake because he is “obsessed” with rebuilding the U.S. economy and reaching 5 percent growth.

“I can tell you after a few months on the job, this man is indefatigable. Donald Trump doesn’t stop. He barely sleeps. It’s almost impossible to keep up with him. He is truly obsessed with restoring American greatness,” he wrote in the insider book Trumponomics, Inside the America First Plan to Get Our Economy Back on Track.

Kudlow’s foreword in the book by Stephen Moore and Arthur B. Laffer, his partners in the 2016 kitchen cabinet of Trump economic advisors, makes the case that while his tactics are unconventional in Washington, Trump is scoring big wins on the economy, trade, taxes and energy.

“And it has happened faster than anyone imagined possible,” he wrote. …