Larry Kudlow‘s latest column posted at Human Events explains why the latest election bodes ill for Hillary Clinton.

[B]uried deep inside [last] Tuesday’s exit polls is a series of numbers on presidential contenders that will blow your mind. It’s completely different from most anything you’ve seen in the newspapers, the Internet or on TV.

Get this. Here’s a stunning question and answer from Edison Research, which interviewed 18,000 voters around the country as they left the polls on Nov. 4:

Do you think Hillary Clinton would make a good president?

Yes: 42 percent. No: 52 percent.

Whether she’s the frontrunner or not, a majority of midterm-election voters don’t want her running the country.

Does that leave the door open for other Democrats? Sure looks like it.

Does that leave the door open for a Republican? Hang on to your seats:

Do you think Jeb Bush would make a good president?

Yes: 29 percent. No: 59 percent.

Do you think Chris Christie would make a good president?

Yes: 24 percent. No: 64 percent.

The numbers also look bad for other Republicans mentioned as possible presidential candidates. But Kudlow returns to Clinton.

But here’s the kicker — my absolute favorite:

In the 2016 presidential election, for whom would you be more likely to vote?

Hillary Clinton (Dem): 24 percent. The Republican candidate: 40 percent.

That’s right. The yet-to-be-named Republican beats Hillary.

I guess she shouldn’t have said businesses don’t create jobs. Or maybe voters remember her Russian reset with Putin, her calling Bashar Assad a “reformer” we can do business with, or her “who cares” exclamation about how the U.S. base in Benghazi was destroyed.

Or maybe the old Bill Clinton magic is not rubbing off anymore. But the fact is, the exit polls say Ole Hillary would lose to a Republican no-name. And at the margin, Tuesday’s election has probably re-scrambled the Republican deck.

I’m sure not going to pick a winner here. But given the polling weakness of the other established candidates, and the virtual collapse of Hillary, you have to wonder …