Lawrence Kudlow‘s latest column at Real Clear Politics addresses the impact of the FBI’s latest pronouncement in connection with Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.

And how bizarrely ironic is it that Comey — who lost considerable credibility a couple of months ago for building an iron-clad case against Clinton only to let her off the hook — is now reopening her case based not on Russian espionage or Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks, but on Anthony Weiner’s electronic sex life?

This will not bring honor and glory to J. Edgar Hoover’s venerable crime-fighting organization. Comey’s announcement, by the way, follows hot on the heels of the revelation that Clinton pal and Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe channeled near $500,000 into the failed state senate campaign of Jill McCabe, who is the wife of FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe, who helped oversee the agency’s investigation into Clinton’s private email server. And let it be known that Hillary Clinton helped raise $1 million for McAuliffe’s PAC.

Did any of these connections have anything to do with Clinton’s getting off scot free from a criminal indictment? Nah.

But wait, could it be that Donald Trump’s accusation that the system is rigged is correct after all? …

… No matter what James Comey unveils in the days ahead, if anything, virtually no one in this country believes Hillary Clinton will ever divulge “just the facts.”

That’s what the polls say, and for her they’re getting worse. And that’s exactly what the FBI bombshell has reminded the voting public. Clinton, Inc., is dishonest, above the law, on the take.

New WikiLeaks-provided emails from Clinton aide Doug Band reveal the true nature of the Clinton cash operation: No matter what the stated humanitarian goals of the Clinton Foundation, every fiber and sinew of the organization is wrapped in self-dealing, self-enrichment, fraud and corruption.

This is how the Clintons got rich. They traded cash for State Department visits and cash for government favors. And let’s not forget those $450,000 speeches by Bill Clinton and those $250,000 speeches by Hillary herself.

And she can’t even tell the truth about that, as leaked emails show that she said one thing to Wall Street and quite another to the public.