Has it really been eight years? On November 9th, 2007, a drunk Kyle Fleischmann walked out of Buckhead Saloon without a jacket on a cold night and disappeared. The case generated huge amounts of attention at the time and remains Charlotte best known missing persons case. WBTV did a story on the case in 2011, interviewing Dick Fleischmann, Kyle’s father. The elder Fleischmann provided additional details, stating that there were two more sightings of his son that night, the last by a cab driver at 3:25am at about the the 1100 block of North Davidson Street. Kyle’s cell phone was last detected three minutes later, in the same area. After that nothing.

Dick Fleischmann also said that:

I find it hard to believe that nothing to this day has ever come forward with anything about my son. We feel very strongly this is a ‘local issue’ and the people who know what happened to him are still in town. I really believe if we ever find out anything, it’s going to be because of a local and not national report.

Hopefully,someone will come forward and Kyle Fleischmann will be found.