Christopher Tremoglie writes for the Washington Examiner about the vice president’s troubled relationship with the truth.

Vice President Kamala Harris has quite the problem with being honest. Most recently, she advanced the false narrative that Republicans are diligently working to deny racial minorities the right to vote.

It’s the same appalling strategy Democrats use to influence public opinion and rile up their base. They cry racism, blame white people, and emphasize that minorities are the helpless victims of whatever political topic they lament that day, week, or month. None of it is ever true, of course. Most normal, rational people no longer believe them. But Democrats like Harris don’t know any other way. They crave stoking up the flames of racial tension to distract from their political failures. Consider her most recent comments in an interview with BET.

“It’s so fundamental. In our country right now, I believe there are 380 laws that are being presented to suppress or make it difficult for people to vote,” Harris said. “And we’ve been saying this for years, people lived and died for our right to vote. It is through the voting process, through the ballot box, that we get all the things that we need. And there are intentional attempts to deprive, in particular, black and brown and students and Native Americans and Asians, the access to voting.”

Democrats tried this ploy earlier this year in the Georgia primary elections. They claimed new Georgia laws were targeting black people and making it harder for them to vote. Yet the truth showed that more people voted in that election than ever before. Unfortunately, no Democrats were ever held accountable for perpetuating this lie, so they continued to do so. Harris continued her malfeasance. …

… There is no other way to put this: Kamala Harris has a problem with the truth.