On two downtown parking decks:

City Council will consider Tuesday whether to spend $56 million on two parking decks, one of which would be part of a Westin hotel complex proposed for the Elm Street Center between South Elm and Davie streets along February One Place.

Under the proposal, the city would reimburse Elm Street Hotel LLC $28 million for the deck it plans to build along with a $30 million, 180-room hotel it wants to build on the site of an older parking deck at February One and Davie Street.

…Also at that meeting, council will consider spending up to $28 million on a parking deck to be built by another partnership at Eugene and Bellemeade streets to serve an office building being planned for the southeastern corner of property owned by the Greensboro Grasshoppers and a residential, hotel or office project on the south side of Bellemeade to be built on top of the deck.

I use the term ‘lame duck’ loosely, considering every incumbent save for District 5 rep Tony Wilkins and at-large member Mike Barber won in Tuesday’s municipal election. I still believe the votes would be there despite the council’s veer to the left following the election, though I find it hard to believe at-member-elect Michelle Kennedy would vote to issue $56 million in limited obligation bonds in 2018 to pay for the decks when it could be spent on the homeless.