Big Government Big Price Tag North Carolina


$171 Million Medicaid Expansion

To add 500,000 to 600,000  to Medicaid

  • Yearly revenue shortfall of $119 to $171 million
  • Hospital and insurer tax won’t be enough
  • Nearly 8 of 10 to be added are able-bodied, working-age adults with no kids to support
  • Increased financial stress on rural hospitals
  • Care for the vulnerable and fragile will suffer

$1 Billion Collective Bargaining

To repeal collective bargaining ban

  • Family of 4 will give up $500 in earnings
  • Our economy will shrink after years of growth
  • Iron-fisted, union-led political activity will surge
  • Higher costs in state government not offset by improvement in public services
  • Local taxpayers may pay hundreds more

The Threat is real: $7 billion sucked out of our economy over 4 years, 5,500 fewer jobs available each year, Families will keep less of what they earn, Harder to attract new businesses, Sound budgeting threatened

Tax and Expenditure Limit would…

  1. Restrain unnecessary spending
  2. Keep taxes low by limiting expenditures and debt
  3. Ensure responsible budgeting
  4. Keep legislators accountable to taxpayers
  5. Keep the growth of government in check
  6. Ensure core services are continually provided

It’s time for the TEL Amendment. Learn more at:

Medicaid Expansion = Funding Gap For State Government  Collective Bargaining = More power to unions and higher costs for North Carolinians  Big Government, Big Price Tag More Spending = Higher Taxes for North Carolinians